[Upgrade] 2 Pcs Morpilot® 1700mAh 11.1V High Capacity Rechargeable Battery Pack Replacement Extended flight times for Parrot Bebop Drone 3.0 Quadcopter Parts

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Morpilot 2-Pack 1700mAh 11.1V Upgrade Rechargeable Battery for Parrot Bebop Drone 3.0

Enjoy increased flight time with the Parrot Bebop 1700mAh battery. The Morpilot Parrot Bebop battery is engineered for flight, guaranteed to fit in Parrot Bebop v.1 models, and Skycontroller. Morpilot has over a decade of lithium-ion battery experience and only uses the best LiPo materials, technology and cells available, and of course comes with our Limited Lifetime Battery Replacement plan and U.S. based service and support.

This pack features 42% more capacity than the OEM Parrot Bebop battery, making it the perfect upgrade when flight time is important. This battery can be charged with any Parrot Bebop charger. Morpilot DRONE packs deliver consistent power, flight after flight.


High-quality lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery with 15C continuous discharge
With much longer flying time
Fine workmanship and beautiful outlook


Battery pack capacity : 1700mAh, 11.1V, 18.87Wh
Single Weight: approx. 122g
Color: Black
Durable and compact
? 100% Brand new

Suitable for:

Aircraft Parrot Bebop Drone 3.0


1. Do not short circuit.
2. Must be disposed of properly.
3. Use specific charger only.
4. May explode if disposed to fire

Package Includes:

1700mAh battery for Parrot Bebop Drone 3.0 x2