Quick Release Propeller Guards for DJI Phantom 3, 2 &1 - Easy Snap On And Off Prop Guards (WHITE)

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Drones are expensive and replacing their delicate parts and accessories when damaged can take a toll on your pocket. As most drones aren’t equipped with obstacle avoidance, attaching propeller guards is a great way of saving the props and the parts around it.

For the best protection, Drone Pit Stop offers propeller guards for DJI Phantom 1, 2 and 3. They come with a special Quick Release for easy snap on and off that takes less then 10 seconds to remove!

The lightweight and durable design helps in keeping the drone flying without any obstruction from the props.

The prop guards come in a plain white color to match the DJI drone’s body color and design, and fit seamlessly with the drone! way of saving the props and the parts around it.

We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee or you money back. Of questions contact us or use the Q&A on this page.