UUMART 750MAH 25C 3.7V Battery & Charger Spare Parts For JJRC H12C DFD F181 MJX

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1.Charge the lipo battery with a lipo battery only.
2.Inspect the lipo battery before charging and operating.
3.Do not charge the lipo battery unattended.
4.Do not over charge the lipo battery.
5.Charge the lipo battery on a heat resistant surface along.
6.Do not allow lipo cells to overheat at any time.
7.Do not over discharge the lipo battery.
Please follow our suggestions which will extend the life of the battery.

Battery capacity: 750MAH
One battery weight: 18.5g
Size:75MM * 25MM * 55MM
Suitable for: JJRC:H12C ,DFD:F181 ,MJX:X400
Charging time: Using WSX-X6A 6 in 1 charging 6 battery at the same time is 8 times faster than the common changer,charge 6 750MAH battery only need 73 minutes.On average, a battery takes only about 12 minutes.It is very quickly.

Package included:
1 x X6A charger (US standard adaptor or UK standard adaptor)
6 x 750MAH battery
6 x cable
1 x USB cable