GizmoVine MJX Aerial Components C4008 PFV WIFI Camera 1.0MP 720p HD Camera RC Drone AV Spare Parts for MJX 2.4G 6 Axis 4 Chanel Helicopter Quadcopter Hexacopter for Model X101 X102 X103 X104 A1 A2

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MJX Aerial Components C4008 For Your Helicopter Quadcopter
Your Flying Camera?Note:This Version is Not Include The Helicopter, Please Buy The Camera Separately?
See exactly what your camera sees with a live video feed right on your mobile device Mounted with camera set C4008 and install the""MJX FPV"" software to smart phone, the photos and videos that taking by the quad-copter can be seen alive when the model is flying

Package Content :
1 x User Manual
1 X C4008 720 FPV Camera
1 X Cell phone holder with Clip
1 x Screwdriver
5 x Screws
2 x wire rod
1 X 4GB Memory card
1 X Card Reader