NiGHT LiONS TECH X6 Mini Drone 6.5 Inches 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro ( Japan Imported ) Headless 360 Degree Flips Roll RC Remote Control Quadcopter Drone Indoor and Ourdoor , Camouflage

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Special Features
Adjustable speed , kids can choose which speed by ownself ,switch randomly .
Fast or slow randomly choose , more fit beginner.
Charging time 100 mins,flying time about 6 mins .
Product size:6.5*6.5 inches Package size :15*11*8cm

Important tips:
Chargeing should use original usb wire.
Can't chariging or fire as a result of using other drone's charging wire .
This is not belong to quality problem.
When flying is not normal,such as flight not stabilityetc..First,keep the drone on the ground and keep the drone and the controller in a same frequency of success .
Second,drag the throttle and the direction sticks at the same time .
Throttle drag left corner , direction drag right corner which all maintain 3 senconds until the drone flashing light.
Waiting for the light restore a long bright and the sight setting is complete.

boxing controller *1
mini drone * 1
tool *1
USB charging wire *1
ptotector *4
manual *1